The Harper Family consists of anyone who does or used to have Harper as a last name.

Family Tree

   Frank Harper------+------Evelyn Harper
                     |                                   |
                     |                                   |
             -------------------                         |
             |                 |                         |
        Charlie Harper------+------Betsy Harper 
                |             Alan Harper------+-------Judith Harper-----+----Herb Melnick         |
        Jenny Harper 
                                      Jake Harper

Current members

Alan Harper

Alan Harper is the youngest of Evelyn's two sons. He is the brother of Charlie Harper, the son of Evelyn Harper, the father of Jake Harper(and possibly the father of Judith's second child, Milly), and the uncle of Jenny Harper. He is also the ex-husband of Judith and Kandi.

Jake Harper

Jake Harper is the youngest Harper family member. He is the son of Judith Harper-Melnick and Alan Harper, the nephew of Charlie Harper, and the cousin of Jenny Harper. He is also the grandson of Evelyn Harper.

Evelyn Harper

Evelyn Harper is the oldest current Harper family member. She is the mother of Alan and Charlie Harper, and the grandmother of Jake and Jenny Harper . She also used to be the mother in-law of Judith and Kandi.

Jenny Harper

Jenny Harper is the daughter of Charlie Harper, the niece of Alan Harper, the oldest of Evelyn Harper's grandchildren and the cousin of Jake Harper. She was first introduced in the Season 11 premiere, Nangnangnangnang.

Deceased Members

Charlie Harper

Charlie Harper is the oldest of Evelyn's two sons. He is the son of Evelyn Harper, the brother of Alan Harper, and the father of Jenny Harper. He is also the uncle of Jake Harper. He supposedly died after being hit by a train. Berta and Alan suspect Rose murdered him after she catched him cheating on her. It turned out he was alive and being held captive by her for years but escaped only to be killed by a piano falling on him.

Frank Harper

Frank Harper is the father of Charles Francis "Charlie" Harper and Alan Jerome Harper. It is known that Evelyn emasculated him all the time. He is also the husband of Evelyn Nora Harper. He died of food poisoning by eating a fish that had been sitting in the kitchen drawer for two months. Charlie claimed that he knew the fish was bad and still ate it, implying that he committed suicide.

Former Members

Judith Harper-Melnick

Left the Harper family because she divorced Alan.

Kandi Harper

Left the Harper family because she too divorced Alan.

Betsy Harper

Left the Harper family because she was already married.

Possible Members

Milly Melnick

The daughter of Judith, and maybe the daughter of Alan or Herb. If it is Alan's child, it would make her a Harper.


Either the daughter of Frank Harper or Sherman. The daughter of Dorothy.