Kate McLaughlin
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Kate McLaughlin
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Soccer Mom
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Bill McLaughlin (Ex husband)
Ernie McLaughlin (Son)
Kate is a nice, single mother who meets Charlie during the kids' soccer game.

Season 1

When they first met, Kate laughed at Charlie's appearance (he was drunk, clothes dishevelled) at Jake's football game. He had just escaped from two women (Gloria and Brooke) who were Judith's friends. She agreed with Charlie's view that not keeping a score at a game was ridiculous. Later Charlie invites her on the pretext of a play date for Jake and Ernie. Charlie's date is cut short when Ernie injures himself when he picks up some "not dead thing". They plan to go on a date soon. At her house, when he went to pick her up for their date, Charlie has an awkward confrontation with her ex-husband Bill. She reveals that she hadn't seen another man except her husband for 12 years. When he drops her back, she breaks down saying that she has mortgages, car pool duties, a full-time job and driving her son for drum practice. She wonders whether they'll be able to do this (dating) again. Charlie is unsure. But she pulls him into the house and says that they could do it now.