Manfred "Manny" Quinn was the fake husband to Rose, during the 8th season. Manny was actually a mannequin (Manny Quinn is a play on mannequin). He is a "figure in the fashion industry" (a play on the role of the mannequin).


When Charlie finds out that Rose is going to be married, he assumed it was just one of Rose's things. However, he looks in the window of the church and sees Rose getting married (they do not see everyone but Rose and the priest is a mannequin). Charlie eventually confesses his feelings for Rose, who pretends to have an affair with him.

In "Three Hookers and a Philly Cheesesteak", Gordon, one of Rose's ex, discovers the mannequin sitting on the couch and makes the connection. He attempts to tell Charlie, but he does not make the connection. In That Darn Priest, Alan discovers the connection, but Rose pays him off. As Charlie and Rose head to Paris, Charlie discovers Manny in the closet, but never makes the connection. He was mentioned in "A Giant Cat Holding a Churro" by Lyndsey McElroy.

In the series finale "Of Course He's Dead", he can be briefly seen sitting on a chair in Rose's dungeon next to the stairs.



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