Sir Lancelot
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Sir Lancelot
Also known as
Sir Craps-a-lot (by Charlie)
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Chelsea Melini - Owner
Sir Lancelot is Chelsea's pet cat and Charlie's rival. Charlie often calls him Sir-Craps-A-Lot.

In "Mmm, Fish, Yum", Sir Lancelot is briefly seen with Chelsea at the end of the episode. He is absent for the majority of the episode, believed by Chelsea to be missing. This worries her, as she loves Sir Lancelot very much. Meanwhile, Jake, who has his learner's permit, tries to convince Charlie to take him driving. In the garage, when Charlie is backing his car out of the driveway, he and Jake hear a loud cat yowl and feel a bump from the car. Believing it to be Sir Lancelot, Jake snaps a picture of Charlie standing over the flattened cat, using it as blackmail to get Charlie to let Jake drive whenever he wants. At the end of the episode, Chelsea enters holding the real Sir Lancelot. A man comes knocking at the door, in search of his cat, which looked similar to Sir Lancelot and answered to "Puss Puss".

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