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Wanda is a character from Two and a Half Men. She is one of Charlie's ex-girlfriends and appears only in one episode of Season 6.


Wanda is a model and Charlie Harper's ex-girlfriend. Jake Harper had a poster of her in his bedroom. Before her debut episode, she and Charlie had travelled to Las Vegas where they convinced a waitress into having a threesome with them. She met her again a week before she dropped by Charlie's house.

She made her debut in the Season 6 episode "She'll Still Be Dead at Halftime", when she drops by Charlie's house while she was in the neighborhood. Revealing that she's drunk and horny, they both drink and char. After having some drinks, Wanda tells Charlie to have sex with her.

Charlie initially agrees but later becomes reluctant as he would be cheating on Chelsea. A half-naked Wanda falls unconscious due to intoxication after Chelsea tells Charlie she would be returning to his house soon. He convinces Alan and later Jake to dump her somewhere away from his house, but she wakes up before they can carry it out.

She walks into Charlie's bedroom to find her shoes and then leaves the house, though she doesn't care or doesn't know that Charlie was having sex with Chelsea in his bedroom.


  • She has a history with Charlie Harper and is comfortable in having casual sex with him.
  • She revealed that the waitress they had a threesome with in Las Vegas had gained a lot of weight since their encounter and smells "better" like Fritos chips.
  • She has a weakness for alcohol.
  • She tends to fall unconsious frequently.
  • After falling unconsious, she awakens with little or no recollection of what's happened to her.
  • Her poster in Jake Harper's room is her wearing short-shorts and an orange tank-top and holding a air guitar in her arms.
  • She's revealed to have no plastic surgery/implants, when Alan accidently face-plants her chest and remarks "Goodness Gracious, these are REAL!".


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